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Project: Telecommunication systems of Karanj/Parsi Desalting Plant
Location: Khuzestan province, South West of Iran
Client: National Iranian South Oil Company (NISOC)
Contract Type: Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning
Started: 2007
Status: Completed

Project Summary

Construction of the Karanj/Parsi desalting plant started in 2006, in Aghajari Oil field located in Khuzestan province. The desalting plant project is scheduled to be completed in three years. Pars Saman has been awarded the design and implementation of Telecommunication systems for this plant, in order to facilitate communication between Karanj-Parsi desalting-dehydration plant and Sarband telecommunication center.

Scope of work

Parssaman shall execute engineering, procurement and commissioning of three major subsystems of this project on an EPC basis, and the installation of the equipment will be performed by the maintenance team of the client. The project includes three major sub-systems as follows
  • Microwave Radio
    Two one plus one redundant Microwave Radio base stations will be installed in each end of the link with 4 E1s capacity working in 2.5-2.7GHz UHF Band. The distance between Karanj and Sarband sites for the microwave link is 20 km and two parabolic antennas are in Line of Sight condition.
  • PCM Multiplexer
    Two Access multiplexers each with one E1 capacity will be installed to Provide voice and data interfaces (2Wire/ 4Wire, 4W E&M and data).
  • Telephone System
    An IP-Based PABX system will be installed in Karanj site to provide 128 extension lines, upgradeable to 256 lines. This will be of the PABX Hipath 3000 type and attendant consoles and telephone sets are also included. Also explosion proof and weather proof telephone sets with appropriate acoustic hoods are provided for outdoor and hazardous areas of this project. The PABX will be installed in Karanj new telecommunication center with approximately 256 extensions.

Scope of Supply

PABX, Hipath 3800 IP-Based Siemens (Germany)
Management Software, Manager C Siemens (Germany)
Telephone Console, Opti point 500 Siemens (Germany)
Explosion-Proof Telephone,Ex Resistel FHF(Germany)
UPS PSP (Iran)
Microwave Radio System, FTX 245 Micromodje (Iran)
Antenna, 2.5 GHz Grid Micromodje (Iran)
PCM Multiplexer system, FMX2S NSN (Germany)

Main Features

  • Providing various types of voice and data interfaces on PCM Multiplexer
  • Special ATEX-Approved telephone sets to be installed in hazardous areas